The moment has passed

So I can’t communicate . . .
But let’s not fixate on why I articu-late
Because spending minutes on these lyrics
Gives me the time I need to really overthink
Writing is just a different route
And I’m going off track
I’m not even writing to a beat!
Wait, is “a cappella” one word or two?
Shuffling bars is no mean feat
English never was my strong suit

I’ve been told I need to share more
Just to get another view
Stuck in traffic, I can’t create the link
Needed to keep my thoughts in sync
And if this verse was unable to converse
Am I just wasting ink?
One last verse I think

To put my message into bars
I can’t bottle it up
So I’m sitting here quietly in a library
With music acting as my advisory
And the dictionary is offering literary criticism
Accusing me of word plagiarism
But these words are all mumbled
And this verse is just a draft
Should I continue?
No wait, the moment has passed.

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