Iambic pentameters

Breaking the fourth wall

I can’t find time to write consistently
An excuse that I tell myself. Because
The time is on my phone. So I’ll dial
It back, unplug and find a new outlet
Even my syllables are stressed. Building
Habits is hard. I’m trapped inside these four
Walls. Spending too much time in my head. But
I’m breaking down the fourth wall and asking
For help, for a second opinion. So . . .
What do you think?


To rest or rant inside the restaurant
Is quite an easy choice to make. Take breaks.


I had to climb five flights of stairs today
But somehow still managed to miss my flight

Scrabble tip

Another Scrabble loss? Just take an L

Up to 11

The mighty iambic pentameter
Louder than loud. It goes up to eleven.

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