Free verse

These distant lights

These distant lights
To who knows where
Start to take flight
And can be seen
From here to there

On a meter
Across the sky
The lights flicker
For travel you
Can’t go quicker

With leaps and strides
A nervous gait
The runway guides
These distant lights
Down onto land.


I’m smaller than Earth’s moon
But a day lasts 153 hours
What could you achieve in an afternoon?
If you had my superpowers

New Horizons delivered the news
Taking nine years to reach me
I tried to appeal the decision
But we have very different views
On a collision—
Of course I disagree

Why am I no longer a planet?


You need a verse
Just one verse
A uni-verse
To what degree?

Article 52-48

Turn back time to 2016
We thought we were immune
But in the month of June
Nobody could have foreseen
We should have a country United;
not a country divided

What would you do if your flight was overbooked?

The details were overlooked
52-48 triggering Article 50

Stable pool table

Sit back . . .
Let me tell you a fable
About horses playing pool in a stable

It was no small feat
So they decided to cheat
By taking the triangle off the table


i keep my ideas in an empty vase
the vase is a balloon
full of hot air
and the bubble
has burst


If your character
Is acting out of character
Why do you care if the
Character sure paints
A different picture

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