Hello, I’m Richard Child, and I enjoy writing poetry and short stories

Wait a minute, Richard who?

Whilst living in Düsseldorf I joined a writing group, and since then I’ve been writing poetry and short stories. I currently work as a UX/UI Designer. You can learn more about my design work over at Grid North Design.

Aside from writing, I also enjoy magic. Every Christmas I play cards with my family, so I decided to learn how to shuffle properly by watching videos on YouTube. I probably shouldn’t distract you, but how about a magic trick?

Hmm, what else… Oh! I finished my first half marathon well under 2 hours, with a time of 1:59:59.

I'll update this site as I continue to write poetry and short stories. But, if you prefer, you can stay updated via email. No spam, ever. And no more than 1 email a month.